Thermal energy

These cards are about conduction, convection and radiation.

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  • Conduction is all about when heat is transferred through a solid.
  • The heat is passed through a solid by free electrons in the molecules.
  • These vibrations get bigger when a solid has more energy (e.g when it is being heated).
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  • Convection is all about when a gas, liquid moves and carries heat with it.
  • This means that it will become less dense than the colder fluid around it.
  • when the warmer fluid floats and colder fluid takes its place this is called a convection current.
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  • Radiation is when heat moves around in electromagnetic waves lick light does.
  • Any hot object will emit heat radiation - the hotter it is, the more heat radiation it emits.
  • The main difference with radiation is that conduction, convection will only work in solids, liquids or gases.
  • Radiation will work in a vacuum just like we get heat from the sun through space.
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