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Name energy stores

Chemical energy
Kinetic energy
Thermal energy
Strain/elastic potential

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Name chemical energy stores


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What’s kinetic energy

Moving objects

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What’s thermal energy

Hot objects

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What’s strain/elastic potential

Stretched or squashed objects

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Name energy transfers


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Can energy be destroyed and created


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How does energy move

It moves by being transferred from one form to another

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Efficiency equation

Efficiency =
Useful energy transferred by device
Divide by
Total energy

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How is energy stored

Energy is stored due to an objects position in a gravitational field

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Which objects have a store of GPE

any object above the surface of the earth

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What’s the equation for change inGPE

Change in GPE=

Mass (kg) x GFS (N/kg) x change in vertical height (m)

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How is energy stored (kinetic)

Energy is stored in moving objects (kinetic). Kinetic energy is stored in moving objects depends on its speed

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Equation for calculating kinetic energy

Kinetic = 1/2 x mass x (speed)2

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What is energy measured in


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Work the GPE our - airplane flying at 50 m/ s at 5

900 x 10x 500 = 4500000 joules

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How does energy spread out

It is dissipated to the surroundings

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Is water a good or bad conductor


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Good insulator are a food or bad conductor (heat)

Good insulators are a poor conductor of heat eg. Air particles are spread out so do not pass energy along

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Why are polar bears furry

To keep them warm. They have layers of fur with air trapped between them which act like an insulator

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Does a good insulator have a good or bad thermal c


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What is thermal conductivity

A measure of how easily easily energy is transferred through a material by heating

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Rate of energy transfer is reduced by ....

Increasing thickness
Decreasing thermal conductivity
Decreasing temperature difference

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