The Tempest

The Tempest

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Prospero: The rightful duke of Milan sent to sea by his brother who took his dukedom. He and his daughter Miranda came to the island and Prospero using his magical powers became king. Powerful Forgiving

Ariel: Ariel is a spirit of the island who is under the control of Prospero who rescued him from a tree in which Sycorax the last ruler of the island had trapped him in. Wants to please mischievous

Caliban: Caliban is the son of Sycorax who died when he was young. Prospro took Caliban and taught him to read and write in return for Caliban showing him all the secrets of the island. When Prospero had the information from Caliban, Caliban became his slave. Sly doesn't know wrong and right

Gonzalo: Gonzalo is a servant and was the only person who was against sending Prospero away. He gave Prospero food and drink for the journey and clothes and Prosperos books for when they reached land. Kind Brave

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Alonso: Alonso is the king of Naples and dislikes Prospero. When Antonio (Prospero's brother) plans to get rid of Prospero so he can rule himself, Alonso is more than happy to help. Repentant

Ferdinand: Alonso's son falls in love with Miranda and plans to marry her and as he thinks that his father had drowned in the shipwreck wants her to be his queen. loyal hard working

Stephano: A butler finds Caliban on the island. He wants to take Caliban back to Italy to sell so he gives Caliban wine and Caliban gets drunk and starts to worship him. Stephano starts to like being worshiped and decides to keep Caliban as a slave. bigheaded disloyal

Trinculo: A jester despises Caliban for worshiping Stephano and not him. He tries to get rid of Caliban but fails. terrified of everything

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