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The Tempest

The genre of the Tempest is Shakespearean romance, and was influenced by the then-new genre of tragicomedy

All the action in the Tempest revolves around one plot; Prospero regaining his dukedom. It is also confined to one setting; an island on which all characters are stranded.


  • Prospero; the previous Duke of Milan, a magician/sorcerer
  • Miranda; Prospero's naive daughter
  • Ariel; an airy spirit that Prospero rescued, who is now in Prospero's eternal debt.
  • Caliban; a mishapen man, enslaved by Prospero, som of witch Sycorax
  • Alonso; the King of Naples
  • Sebastian; Alonso's brother
  • Antonio; reigning Duke of Milan, Prospero's 'evil' brother
  • Ferdinand; Alonso's son, Prince of Naples
  • Gonzalo; a councellor who gave aid to Prospero and Miranda
  • Adrian and Francisco; lords
  • Trinculo; a court jester, likes to drink
  • Stephano; a drunken butler, likes to drink
  • Boatswain
  • Iris, Ceres and Juno; three spirits/goddesses

Character's Relationships


  • Very strong-willed character, a commanding man
  • Decieving, and likes to be in charge
  • Confident but can be mistaken for arrogant and controlling
  • When things don't go his way, he uses insults to make the person feel


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