The Pine Planters


Verse One Quotes

'skims' - The man looks past the woman. Does not look past the surface of the woman.

'holds' - The woman feels that she cannot tell the man that she loves him as it would ruin what little relationship they already have.

'morning shine' - symbolic of the new life and new hope.

'his thoughts' and 'I with mine' - Compared to the man the woman has less thoughts, in fact just one about whether she should admit her love for the man. Where as the man has many thoughts about work and so forth. A terrible dilemma.

Repetition of 'so many' - her suffering is endless, her love is not returned. 

'shall I not sigh to him' - regrets not telling the man about her feelings.

'though hope is gone?' - rhetorical device, certain answer would be yes.

'knew love like mine' - She doesn't love the man indeed but in her mind. 

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