Romeo And Juliet: The power of danger and love (4.1)

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  • Romeo and Juliet: The power & danger of love 4.1
    • Romeo's Loves
      • Lust
        • At the start of the play, Romeo has an immature and sexual desire for Rosaline
          • "She is rich in beauty, only poor, that when she dies with beauty dies her store"
      • Rosaline
        • Legacy
          • Rosaline is from a poor family. By refusing to love Romeo back, she is wasting the only richness (beauty) she has. her beauty will die with her. she will leave no legacy after she dies.
        • Unrealistic Love
          • The audience never meet rosaline. this shows that she is an unrealistic partner for romeo.
        • Obsession
          • Despite Rrosaline not loving romeo, he is still in love with her. this shows obsession.
      • Juliet
        • Genuine Love
          • When romeo and Juliet meet, we see a real, genuine passion between them. Even in the prologue, the audience learns they are "star crossed lovers" who are fated to be together.
            • He feels a deep connection upon meeting Juliet. She reciprocates his feelings. this suggests a more stable relationship is forming.
        • Inexpressible Love
          • She loves romeo so much she cannot fully express it
            • "my true love is grown to such excess i cannot sum up half of my wealth"
        • Maturing in love
          • When romeo talks about rosaline, he speaks in poetic sonnets and pines for her. When talking to juliet, he uses fewer sonnets. this shows he is maturing in how he loves/
        • Love influencing decisions
          • All of R and Js decisions are based on their desire to be together. They quickly marry, Juliet fakes her own death to be with romeo, Romeo lays next to Juliet and kills himself as he cannot bear to live without her then Juliet commits suicide as she cannot live without romeo.
    • Friendship & Family
      • Familial Love
        • Focus of the feud
          • The feud itself focuses on love and hatred. The Montagues hate the Capulets purely because of their family. Each person defends their family against physical or verbal attacks from the other family.
        • Distance from parents
          • Romeo and Juliet are't close to their parents. This causes problems in the play. Neither R nor J feel as if they can discuss their feelings about eachother with their parents due to the "ancient grudge"
        • Arranged Marriages
          • Some would argue Lady C and C display love towards juliet by arranging marriage with Paris. This is because parents of that era would have done so. They do what is best for Juliet's future. They do not know her feelings for Romeo.
        • Significance of family relationships
          • In this era families were very important. Once romeo has married into the Capulet family, he loved his new family members. When tybalt tries to provoke him into fighting, Romeo refuses and says "I have to love thee"


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