The new deal

about the new deal

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the new deal 1933-1941

roosevelt won the election in 1932, taking the place of Hoover

pump priming - spending more money than the government had in order to produce wealth.

he won 42 of the 48 states

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first 100 days


relief- helping the poorest peope with no food or home

recovery- to get the economy going again, reduce unemployment

reform- help the old, enemployed, sick and other people in need

the emergency banking act- closed all banks for 2 days then only allowed the trusted 5000 to reopen.

fireside chats- restoring confidence in americans by radio broadcast

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agricultural adjustment agency

farmers were given quotas so they didn't produce too much which reduced the supplies and increased the price

farm credit administration

lent money to farmers so they could pay off the debts

cililisation concervation corps

jobs for unemployed men. they made small wages by working on dams and planted trees but only lasted 6 months.

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federal emergency relief administration

set up to help the poor. it provided $500 million for soup kitchens and clothes

civil works administration

created 4 million jobs 1933-34.  the government used public money to rebuild schools and hospitals. most jobs were short term.

public works administrations

also helped to create jobs such as hospitals and schools. usually more perminant but they often required more skilled workers.

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