The Munich Putsch

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The Munich Putsch


  • Under Hitler's influence, the Nazi party grew. They had 3,000 members in 1920 & 5,000 in 1921
  • Although it was small, Hitler felt confident that his party could take over Berlin
  • On Nov. 8th 1923, Hitler interrupted a meeting in a beer hall in Munich.
  • Hitler locked Gustanv von Kahr (head of Bavarian gov.) in a room. Then Gen. Ludendorff marched in & said he supported Hitler
  • Hitler's stormtroopers took control of gov. buildings & arrested officials
  • Kahr contacted the police, so when the Nazis began to march through the streets of Munich, they were met by armed police


  • Hitle & Ludendorff were arrested
  • Hitler used his trial & publicity to criticise the government & spread Nazi propoganda
  • Hitler was sent to prison for 5 years (the usualy punishment was execution!)
  • In prison, Hitler wrote Mein Kampf, a book describing his life story & political views; it became a bestseller
  • Hitler was treated very well in prison, and was released after just nine months

Overall summary

The failure of the Munich Putsch taught Hitler that he would have to stand in elections & win votes just like any other political party. They would have to win power democratically, not forcefully


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