The Homestead Strike

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The Homestead Strike - 1892

  • The strike took place at the Homestead Steel works and involved a labour lockout and a strike that lasted 143 days.
  • The dispute occured in Pittsburgh, Homestead between the Amalgamted Association of Iron and Steel workers and the Carneige Steel Company.
  • This strike highlights very well the extent to which violence and intimidation could escalate during this time in response to the anti-union employers and equally determined unions fighting for workers' rights.
  • The strike was a landmark in the history of union strikes. It differed from earlier large-scale strikes which had failed as a result of poor organisation and lack of leadership.
  • Worker's were 'locked out' as no collective bargaining agreement was reached.
  • The workers decided to walk out.
  • Management seeked to replace the workers with immigrant workers and workers from other areas.
  • There were injuries and deaths on both employer and employee sides.
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  • This greatly damaged the reputation of the Amalgamated Association; membership fell to 10,000 in 1894
  • Employers were hesitant to accept the unions from then onwards.
  • Prevented the progression of workers gaining rights.
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