The end of the Crimean War

what was agreed at the end of the Crimean war?

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What was agreed, when and where?

  • 30th march 1865, at Paris
  • Russia was to have control over Sebastopol, Balaclava and all areas previously occupied by the allies
  • The Black Sea became neutral
  • The Danube becaem an international waterway for shipping
  • Turkey was guaranteed control over the Danubian principalities by the Great Powers
  • The principalities were grouped into a new state called Romania
  • The Sultan declared that he was prepared to imrpove conditions of all Christians within the Ottoman Empire
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Was everyone happy with the agreement?

  • Lord Palmerston, the Prime Minister, had wanted tougher terms
  • When he presented the treaty to the cabinet he put a positive spin on it but it was still seen as too lenient in the house of commons
  • The British people were very happy that the war was over
  • cannons were fired, soldiers returned, music was composed in remembrance and there were parties
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