The Earths structure

structure of the earth

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Earths Structure

The Earth has 4 layers:

  • the crust
  • the mantle
  • the outer core
  • the inner core
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The Core:

  • approx. the size of mars
  • densest part of the planet
  • made of rocks rich in iron and nickel
  • a semi-molten outer core contains a solid inner core
  • temperature over 6000'C
  • surrounding the core is the mantle
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The Mantle:

  • surrounds the core
  • composed of silicate rocks (iron and magnesium)
  • most of the mantle is semi-molten (asthenosphere)
  • temperatures near the core reaching 5000'C
  • high temperature generate convection currents
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The Crust:

  • thinnest layer
  • coolest least dense rocks

2 types of crust:

  • Oceanic crust- 6-10km thick
  • Continental crust- up to 70km thick

together the crust and the ridge of the upper mantle are known as the LITHOSPHERE

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