History of the earths structure

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  • History of the Earth
    • Why do we need to know about the Earth's internal structure?
      • Because processes responsible for the formation of volcanoes & earthquakes originate in the interior of the earth
        • E.g. convection currents & plate movement
    • How has the Earth evolved? & By what process?
      • Earth evolved from a rocky mass to a living planet with continents, oceans, an atmosphere & an interior of distinct chemical and physical layers.
      • Differentiation
    • What was early Earth like?
      • Homogenous mixture
      • With no continents or oceans
      • As planetismals (small pieces of matter) crashed into primitive Earth, energy of motion converted to heat
      • Radioactive elements disintegrated spontaneously leading to the heating/melting of primitive Earth
    • What did the melting of the Earth do?
      • Brought light materials to the outer layers of earth


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