The Data Protection Act

These cards describe the important information about the data protection act.

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The Data Protection Act

It first became a law in 1984 but was then updated in 1988.

It sets out the rules for collecting, storing and dealing with personal information.

It shows:

  • The rules that the controllers must follow.
  • The rights of the individuals whose data it is.
  • The exemptions that exist.
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The Rules Of The Controllers

Data must be:

  • Processed fairly and lawfully.
  • Adequate and relevant.
  • Not kept longer than needed.
  • Kept safe and secure.
  • Not transferred toplaces with inadequate security.
  • Processed only for it's purpose.
  • Processed in line with the individuals rights.
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The Rights Of The Individuals

The individuals can see all of the information held about them, however there are some exceptions.

It may affect:

  • The detection and prevention of crime.
  • Assessing and collecting tax.
  • Catching and prosecuting criminals.
  • The right to see certain health and social work details.

The individual should write a letter asking for a copy of the information held about them.

The controllers should reply within 40 days, given that proof of identity and fee have been provided.

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The Data Protection Commissioner

Is an independent officer that has been appointed by the queen.

They would report directly to parliament.

For their role they would have to:

  • Maintain a register of all of the controllers, this would include their names and addresses.
  • Consider the complaints from individuals about tbe controllers who have not followed the rules properly.
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Exceptions To The Act

They are possible for:

  • Maintenance of a public register.
  • If it is needed for; staff administration, advertising, marketing, public relations, accounts and records.
  • Processing personal data for personal, family or household issues.
  • Some non-profit companies.
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