Data Protection Act of 1988

Document show all our laws towards the data protection act of 1988. Suitable for GCSE information and communication studies.

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Data Protection act of 1988
In the year 1988 there was a vast concern about the use and misuse of data. This was the
era of the IBM personal computer featuring a cassette drive and 24 Mb of RAM. This was
the time when people could access the internet for both educational and malicious purposes.
the Government introduced 'The Data Protection Act' which gives people the freedom to
access personal data but only broadcast it within the EU. This was introduced to protect the
citizens of EU.
All data must be `up to data' and cannot be use for malicious purpose's . For example a
school may not keep data on a student for no longer than 10 years . The school may not
black mail the student with his old permanent record .


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