The Civil War 1918

Who was the Civil War fought between?

Reds- supporters of Lenin

Whites- wanted the return of the Tsar and to overthrow Lenin

Greens- wanted political and economic power handed to the peasants

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Why did the Whites lose?

  • Conflicting interests- some wanted the return of the Tsar but others just wanted to overthrow Lenin
  • Lack of organisation and commitment
  • Lack of popular support- people didn't like the Tsarist system and did not want it reinstated
  • Lack of unity- conflict between the generals
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Why were the Reds successful?

  • More committed
  • Better led (rule of Leon Trotsky)
  • Brutality of red leaders 
  • People did not actively oppose them- they were scared to
  • Exploited the human and material resources  
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