Chartism 1836-1848

In 1836, a people's charter listed the 6 demands:

1. Votes for all adult males.

2. Annual Parliaments.

3. Secret ballots.

4. Equal sized constituencies.

5. Payment for MPs

6. Abolition of the property qualifications before you could be an MP


Causes of Chartism

1. Dissapointment of the working class with the parliamentary Reform Act of 1832.

2. Poor law Amendment Act 1834.

3. Failure of the Grand National Consilidation Trade Union. G.N.C.T.U.

4. Results of the Industrial Revolution.

5.The Corn Laws 1815.

6. Free Trade.

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Events in Wales

Chartism occured strongly in 4 areas:


Mid-Wales (Welshpool, Newtown an LLanidloes)


Merthyr Tydfil

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- Summer 1838 Newport W.M.A founded.

- 25,000 members of the W.M.A.s

- Henry Vincent toured the country

- 30,000 Chartists had a meeting on Whit Monday in Blackwood.

 Newport Rising, 3/4th November 1839

- 3 marches to converge.

- John Frost led the march from Blackwood.  Zephaniah Williams from Ebbw Vale and William        Jones from Pontypool.

- Troops hiding in the Wesgate Hotel. 22 dead. Leaders arrested

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