The Atmosphere

the layers of the atmosphere

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The Atmosphere has 7 layers but 4 important ones:

  • Troposphere
  • Stratosphere
  • Mesosphere
  • Thermosphere
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The Troposphere:

  • 1st layer closest to the earth
  • 0-12km
  • where most weather processes take place
  • as height increases in this layer the temperature decreases aprox. -6.5'C every 1km
  • it contains 75% of the earths gases
  • the end of the troposhere is marked by the TROPOPAUSE, (an isothermal layer where temperature remains constant)
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The Stratosphere:

  • 2nd layer
  • 13-50km
  • this is where the planes fly approx. 37,000ft
  • absorption of solar radiation by the ozone = steady increase in temperature
  • atmosphere thinner in this zone as pressure decreases
  • Stratopause = another isothermal layer the end of the stratosphere
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The Mesosphere:

  • 3rd layer
  • 50-80km
  • temperature decreases rapidly to - 100'C
  • this layer protects the earth from meterorites as its so cold they burn up
  • Mesopause - another isothermal layer the end of the mesosphere
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The Thermosphere:

  • 4th layer
  • 80-400km
  • increase in temperature to 2000'C +
  • heatsphere rising and warming
  • helps radio transmission
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