The October Manifesto

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Key words

Concession - Agreeing on something that would not usually be allowed.

Trade Union - An organization of workers that can bargain on workers behalf with employers for better pay and working conditions 

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  • The pressure of the general strike and increasingly worrying mutinies in the army led to Nicholas' advisors advising him to make concessions 
  • The ministers knew that something had to be done o restore order. They came up with the October manifesto 
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The October Manifesto

  • The October manifesto was published on 17th October 2905 
  • In the October Manifesto, the Tsar granted:
    • Freedom of speech and religion, the right to form political parties, and the right to form trade unions 
    • A parliament, also known as "Duma", with representatives elected in a general election 
    • Any new laws would have to be approved by the state duma 
    • Government actions would be supervised by the elected representatives of the people
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Reactions to the October manifesto

  • The October Manifesto delighted the liberal middle classes. The General strike was called off. There were widespread celebrations 
  • However, The October Manifesto did not do anything to improve the conditions for the peasants or those suffering in the harsh conditions of the army 
  • The social democrats were very critical of the October Manifesto and of the middle classes for abandoning the worker 
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