The Nazi experiment


Political authority

- The collapse of Weimar: Stock market crash deprived Germany of US loans and investment, Banks collapsed, unemployment soared, welfare system couldn't cope with the unemployment, entire cabinet resigned 1930, Bruning became chancellor, 109 emergency decrees ratified, ban on Nazi SA 1932, Hitler ran for president, Papen then Schelicer as Cahncellor couldn't control Nazis

- Establishment of Nazi state: Hitler consolidates his power with immeadiate elections, Reichstag fire allowed banning of communicsts, enabling act, removed opponents and jews, trade unions disbanded, SPD banned, law against formation of new parties, concordat with pope, night of long knives. Hindenburg dies

- Hindenburg and Hitler: both crucial to Weimar breakdown, Hindenburg had a possible personal motive to appoint Hitler, Hitler's ambition and calculations helped him, Hitler's personality and leadership contributed

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Economic developments

- Impact of the depression: bankrupcy and unemployment, government spending cuts helped unemployment but not benefits, agricultre continued to be protected, end to reperations negotiated, measures to halt unemplotment tried by Papen, Schleicher alienated industrialsts and large landowners 

- Recovery and developments under Nazis: all peasant debts suspended, law for protection of retail trade, Reich food estate established, Reich entailed farm law, Wehrwirtschaft was more important to Hitler, government spending on public works schemes, subsidies for private construction, income tax rebates, emergency relief schemes, developments of armament factories, reintroduction of conscription, recruitment into RAD, economic miracle occured, 4 year plan developed, Albert Speer created the central planning board

- Post war economy: Soviet zone had less war damage (centralised state banking, nationalisation of banks, collective farms) Western zones adopted a tough approach (standards of living should not exceed European countries, industrail capacity reduced, limits on output of industries, coal ouput should provide reperations and reconstruction),  USA only wanted Germant to pay reparations once the economy was restored, Bizonia formed and grew with Marshall aid, set back with Berlin Blockade, Trizonia, Deutschmark,

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