The Argument from design

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Thomas Aquinas- argument from analogy

- gives 5 proofs for the existence of God 

- Fifth way-  an arrow requires an archer to propel it towards a target 

                - things require an intelligent designer to direct them towards their purpose 

                - this intelligent being is God 

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William Paley- argument from regularity and purpos

1. A watch has complex features which exhibit function and purpose 

2. Anything with these features must have been designed 

3. Therefore the watch has a designer 

4. The universe is like the watch on an incredible scale 

5. Therefore the universe has a wondrous designer 

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David Hume- critiquing the argument

1. We have no experience of world making 

- Can't claim to have experience of the creation of the universe or world making so cannot claim our own was created 

2. Arguments from analogy are intrinsically weak

- the universe isn't machine like but natural and irregular 

3. Arguments from design by analogy don't prove the existence of God even if the analogy functions 

- conclusions drawn from 'like effects' are absurd. Would conclude multiple designers.

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J.S. Mill- the argument against an omni-benevolent

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Charles Darwin and Richard Dawkins- the argument f

- random mutation and pressure of natural selection has led us to where we are today

- not due to a form of intelligence or designer

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Richard Swinburne

- argues for a 'personal' explanation for design- intended for creation to happen and seeking the 'simplest' explanation for the appearance of design

- simplest answer- an all-powerful God 

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F.R. Tennant

'the world is the way it is because of God's guiding intelligence behind his creation'

1. We see special features in the universe

2. These features cannot be adequately explained by natural sciences 

3. Yet, the existence of God can make sense of these features

4. Where an explanation makes sense of certain features that cannot be explained by an alternative we can conclude it is probably right (abductive reasoning) 

5. Therefore, God exists 

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