Tess of the D'Urbervilles (Hardy) Quotations

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Fate and Free Will

  • Take the Complete Fortune-Teller to the outhouse
  • It was my fate, I suppose
  • Where was Providence?
  • Such a coarse patten as it was doomed to receive
  • Possibility of a retribution lurking in the catastrophe
  • There lay the pity of it 
  • Drifted into that passive responsiveness 
  • Deserved better at the hands of fate
  • Decrepit families postulate decrepit wills
  • I couldn't help your seeing me again!
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Memory and the Past

  • D'Urberville lineaments did not help Tess in her life's battle as yet
  • Personal charms which Tess could boast
  • To visit the sins of the fathers... does not mend the matter
  • I have as much of mother as father in me!
  • Undoubted primeval date... outside the immediate boundaries of the estate
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Women and Femininity

  • The club of Marlott... The local Cerealia
  • Each anxious and experienced one
  • Beautiful feminine tissue, sensitive as gossamer
  • Part and parcel of outfoor nature
  • Shade behind shade, tint beyond tint
  • Large-veined udders hung ponderous
  • A visionary essence of woman
  • Call me Tess
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Man and Nature

  • Above them rose the primeval yews
  • 'Tis nater, after all
  • ******* gift of shameless Nature
  • Swallow up the happiness of a thousand other people 
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Justice and Judgement

  • Made to break a necessary social law
  • That cold accretion called the world
  • Nothing had changed... in the substance of things
  • Isolated in the mind of each
  • They were not sins of intention
  • The President of the Immortals had ended his sport with Tess
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  • If he don't marry her afore, he will after
  • Hardly a touch of earth in her love
  • Carry you off then as my property
  • Any moral right to the name?
  • Might result in vitalisations 
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  • Trained National teachings and Standard Knowledge
  • The pointed shaft of the cart
  • She philosophically noted dates
  • Numbers of to-morrows just all in a line
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