Bowlbys Theory

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Innate Tendancy

Present at birth 

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This means give and take. Infants are attached to adults but this is always two way- so the adult has to be attached to the infant.

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long term benefits

people who have strong and healthy attachments as an infant, they tend to keep this throughout their whole life.

This means maintaining friendships and reationships easier

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Natural Selection

Survival of the fittest

passes through genes

whichever person has the strongest/fittest gene is more likely to survive

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Bias towards one caregiver, normally the mother. 

Mothers have this if they have twins, they would prefer one to the other, so they dress them alike to put them ( in her mind ) as one.

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Critical period

if an attachment is not made with the child within 2 1/2 years, the child will find it very hard to gain one after that time

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Social Releasers

any behaviour that encourages a reaction

like hugging or smiling

can be innate (born with it) 

or you can be taught it (by your caregivers) when adults say play nicely 

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The drive behind attachment

All children need to be fed, cared for and protected.

Adults develop attachments to help them do this to ensure their genes are passed on

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