Supreme Court Justices

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Elana Kagan

Nominated by Obama in 2010, is the Junior Justice and makes the notes.

Reflects Obamas Liberal ideology. Is a women and Jewish.

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Sonia Sotomayor

Apointed by Obama in 2009 and is Liberal.

Is the first Hispanic Jusice on the Court.

Is a suporter of Positive dicrimination.

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Samuel Alito

Apointed by Bush Jr in 2006

Served under the Reagan administration in the Justice Department

Doesnt believe in strict constructionalism like his conservative counterparts

Comes out as pro government

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Jhon Roberts

Nominated by Bush Jr in 2005

Originally nominated to fill the spot left by retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, Roberts was re-nominated for the chief justice position after Chief Justice Rehnquist died between terms, and his nomination was fast-tracked.

Is conservative and Cheif Justice.

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Steven Breyer

Nominated by Clinton in 1994 is a Liberal and is in favour of Government

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Nominated by Clinton in 1993

Is a Liberal and the only Civil rights lawyer on the bench.

Refused to step down in the first Obama administration

Is the champion of Womens rights on the Bench

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Clarance Thomas

Nominated by Bush Sr

narrowly made it onto the court due to a sexual harrasment claim by a previous employee.

Is against positive dicrimination

is a strict constructionalist.

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Anthony Kennedy

On the court since: 18 February 1988 put forward by Reagan after his first candidate robert bork was rejected.

He is a conservative member of the court and has had important sayings on many cases and is seen as the "Swing Justice"

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