Structure of DNA

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What are the three components of a nucleotide?

-A phosphate group

-A pentose sugar (DNA or RNA)

-Nitrogen base (adenine, thymine, cystonine, guanine)

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What reaction forms a mononucleotide?

Condensation reaction

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What is the name of the bonds formed between bases

Hydrogen bonds

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How does 'stability' in a DNA molecule allow for i

Can pass from generation to generation without change 

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How does 'hydrogen bonds between strands' in a DNA

Allows them to seperate during DNA replication and protein synthesis

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How does the DNA being a 'very large molecule' all

Able to carry an immense amount of information 

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How does the DNA having 'base pairs on the inside

This is so that genetic information is protected from being corrupted by outside chemical and physical forces 

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Define the term 'gene'

Genes are sections of DNA that contain the coded information for making polypeptides (proteins)

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What are Introns?

non coding sections of a DNA

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What are exons?

coding sections of a DNA

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