Storage devices and media

Types of memory

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Types of Memory

  • stored on chips and available immediately to CPU
  • memory = primary storage

RAM (Random Access Memory): fast temporary memory where programs and data are stored only when the power is supplied.

  • held on computer chip
  • volatile memory because contents disappear when power is off
  • read/write so canbe altered by the user

ROM (Read Only Memory): fast permanent memory used for holding instructions needed to start the computer up.

  • held on computer chip
  • non - volatile memory - does not lose contents when the power is switched off
  • hold instructions to start computer
  • contents cannot be altered by the user
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Printer buffer: 'waiting room' for print jobs wait for printer to print them

The importance of having more memory:

  • applications run faster on their own
  • more applications can run at the same time
  • can move quickly between applications

Uses of memory in computers and mobile devices:

  • desktop, laptop, netbook computers - have large amounts of memory to run multimedia software and run many applications at the same time
  • mobile phones - store programs and control phone e.g, games, address book
  • PDAs, palmtops - store programs e.g, operating system, web browser software
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Measured in bytes.

BIT = binary digit 0 or 1

BYTE = group of 8 bits

KILOBYTE = unit of file/memory size that is 1024 bytes

MEGABYTE = 1024 kilobytes

GIGABYTE = 1024 megabytes

TERABYTE = 1024 gigabytes

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