STALIN'S USSR(1924-1941)

Previous ruler: Tsar

  • a family man: loved his wife/son and daughters.
  • avoid making important decisions.
  • personally write back to people who wrote to him in the country.
  • write the instructions to the royal car. 
  • he was a mirco-manger.
  • wife a German spy?

Previous Ruler-Tsar

  • A family man: loved his wife/son/daughters.
  • Avoid making important decisions.
  • Personally write back to the people who wrote to him in the country.
  • Write instructions to the royal car.
  • He was a miro-manger.
  • Wife a German spy? 
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  • 80% of country is a peasant
  • Subsistence farmer (grow to live)
  • 40 years old (life expectancy)
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Industy in the cities

  • Low pay.
  • 12-15 hours a day.
  • Trade union (illegal protect the workers rights)
  • unguarded machinery.
  • child labour
  • no education in the cities.
  • alcoholism.
  • Entry in World War One 
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how did the Bolsheviks win the civil war in Russia

  • Groups that hate communists (Bolsheviks party)


  • Because the money would be seized by the Bolsheviks.


  • Because all communist people are the against religion (hated). they wanted to destroy organised religions.


  • because communists took power from the tsar.  


  • Because Germany had left World War One

Russian civil war 1917-1921

  • Red: Bolsheviks
  • White: opponents of the Bolsheviks.

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War Train- allowed Trotsky to rally troops/send troops.

Red terror- Population kept under strict rule/control

Red had control over factories-  easy to build up weapons

Secret police-  Used by Bolsheviks to confiscate food from peasants.

White spread out- Reds were able to target then easier as they were in smaller groups.

Propaganda used-  ordinary Russians able to understand Bolsheviks. 

United- Reds united and disciplined the whites has different aims.

White were hated then Reds

The would burn down village if peasents did not five them food.

The role os Trotsky 

Was able to skillfully mange the Red army and lead them to a glorious victory. 

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How did Stalin become the next leader of Russia af

War Communism- (during the civil war)

  • Definition: secret police seized food in the villages to feed the red army and the workers in the cities.

  • Positives-
  • Red army fed
  • Workers were fed
  • Guaranteed food


  • Peasants died/starved
  • Bolshevik population went down. 

NEP(new economic policy)- (immediately after the civil war)

  • Definition: capitalist- peasents able to sell excess food


  • peasents had food to grow and sell(excess)
  • population of Bolsheviks went up.


  • Not communist principal

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stalins charateristics

  • Positives of his charater:
  • he was loyal because he was a bank robber
  • he was aggressive/determind charater
  • he was hardworking
  • born into poverty (man of the people)
  • Negatives of his charater:
  • He was not Russian, he was from Georgia
  • he held grudges
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Why was Trotsky the initial favour?

positives of Trotsky's characteristic:

  • Led the red arm to the civil war victory
  • Close the Lenin-helped organised Russian revolution(1917)
  • Much more experienced
  • Intelligent
  • Good at speeches
  • Able to write in a persuasive way

Negatives of Trotsky's characteristic:

  • Extremely agrrogant:offeneded other party officials abd did 
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