Situation Ethics is in compatible with Christainity

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Some claim that Jesus adopted a relativistic approach to ethics, for example he attacked the Pharisees' insistnce on following theTorah, or Jewish law.- 'The Sabbath wasb made for man, not man for the Sabbath.'

Mark 2v27

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It is modelled on the teachings of Jesus, e.g. 'Love one another as i have loved you.'

John 13v34-5

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The idea of putting people first (personalism) is in keeping with the actions of Jeus as recorded in the Bible. Jesus put people first, he broke the Sbbath laws to heal on the Sabbath- he healed the paralyesed man on the Sabbath accroding to John Chapter 5.

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Some Christians argue that fundemantal princible 'Loves decisions are made situationally, not prescriptively' Reflects the Christaian belief in free will/autonomy.

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Another of the six fundemantal princibles is 'Love wills the good of others, regardless of feelings.' Jesus uses the parable of the Good Samaritan to emphasise his point.

Luke 10

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One of the six fundemental princibles of Sitaution Ethics is 'Only the princible of love provides a resonable base by which to make judgements of right and wrong.' Jesus said ST Paul taught love as the heighest princible above law. 'For the whole law is fufilled in one word, you shall love your neighbour as yourself.'

ST Paul, Galatians 5v14

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