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Un Sombrero ­ Hat
Una Chaqueta ­ Jacket
Unos Pantalones ­ Trousers
Unos Vaqueros ­ Jeans
Unos Pantalones Cortos ­ Shorts
Una Falda ­ Skirt
Una Camisa ­ Shirt
Una Camiseta ­ T-Shirt
Una Blusa ­ Blouse
Un Vestido ­ Dress
Un Abrigo ­ Overcoat
Un Impermeable ­ Raincoat…

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Rosa ­ Pink
Verde ­ Green
Naranja ­ Orange
Azul ­ Blue
Claro/a ­ Light
Oscuro/a ­ Dark


Ms Casas


A good list of vocabulary that will help you to revise some basic vocabulary related to the topic "Shopping" and "Clothing". Combine these cards with "Spanish - Fruit, Vegetables and Shopping" (, "Shops Vocab" resource (, and "The shopping center - El centro comercial" ( You will have a great set of revision materials. 

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