Sharing and exchanging information electronically

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Sharing and exchanging information electronically

File attachments: sending data to someone else, attach files to emails. If file is large email software will automatically compress the file. When reader opens the file it will be decompressed

Photo - sharing websites: allow you to transfer your digital photographs online and this allows you to share them with others. Transferring files onto site - uploading. Saving photos from site - downloading

File compression when transferring files:

  • Compressed files make the file size smaller - quicker to load for the software and also to copy onto other media

ADV of data compression techniques:

  • more files can be stored on the storage medium
  • faster to upload to put it on a webpage
  • faster for others to download from a webpage
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  • Faster to load when viewed with any software used to view or edit it
  • Faster to transfer as an email attachment


  • Images/music/video are not as high quality compared to those without compression
  • Sound quality is not as high with compression
  • Compression means it is much faster to transfer movie files and this causes problems with people illegally copying movies

Evaluating the effectiveness of ICT tools to meet needs

When deciding which ICT tool to use, there are a lot of consideration such as:

  • Time constraints
  • Convenience - whatever is the easiest
  • Quality of presentation - depends on time spend on material, more drafts better
  • Range of facilities
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  • Versatility - ability of the software to cope with all the requirements that the developer may have
  • Transferability of information into other formats
  • Cost - limits what you can do
  • Internet connection speed - can vary on whether you have dialup or broadband

Compression - storing data in a format that requires less space.

Export - to take the data from the package you are working on and save it.

Import - to bring data from outside the software you are using into the software.

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