Settlement change- Keywords and definitions.

Keywords from settlement change topic

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A site which has been previously developed on.

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Counter urbanisation

People moveing from urban to rural areas.

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The decrease in population.

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Dispersed settlement

Where buildings are sparse,few and spead out.

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Eco- town

A town with a sustainable ethos.

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Gated community

A group of houses which are seperated by a gate from the rest of the community.

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Land that has not previously been built on before.

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High Income Country

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Informal economy

Work without regulated hours, pay or taxes.

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Low income Country

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Linear settlement

Buildings build along a line, perhaps a road or river.

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Nucleated settlement.

Houses which are grouped together.

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The land on which a settlement is built.

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Location in relative to its surroundings.

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Villages becomming more urban.

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