Geography Edexcel A Settlement Change Keywords

Detailed keywords that are essentail for your knowledge of the Settlemnt Change topic for the Human Georgraphy section in GCSE Geography Edexcel A.

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* CASE STUDY HERE (Dependant on what has been taught to you as it differs at different schools)
Geography Edexcel A Settlement Change Key Terms
Brownfield site: A site which has been previously built on
Counter urbanisation: People moving from urban to rural areas
Site: The land a settlement is built on. Described by SHAWL: Shelter from wind, Height above sea
level, Aspect, Water supply, Land type (e.g. floodplain)
Situation: Where a settlement, farmland e.t.c is in relation to its surroundings. Described by PARC:
Places, Accessibility, Relief, Communications.
Types of site: Wet point site (marsh), dry point site, defensive site (on top of a hill), bridging point
(bridge over river in the settlement) and route centre (lots of roads join together i.e. crossroads)
Dispersed: A settlement that is spread out
Nucleated: Settlement that is packed closely together
Linear: Settlement stretched across a line such as along a road, river valley, coastline.
Rural Depopulation: *A decline in the number of people living in a rural area. Have economic and
social impacts. Economic impacts are loss of jobs and industry in that area will decline rapidly. Social
impacts are an ageing population, decline in local services, a spiral of decline, lack of hospitals and
Second homes: People have second homes in rural areas and apartments in the city for work. The
Yorkshire Dales, St Ives and the Lake District are popular places for second homes. Causes problems
as young and local people cannot afford to buy houses, work becomes seasonal, communities
become smaller. Advantages are that it brings more people to shops, restaurants and other services.
Urban: A city or town area
Inner city: The area around the CBD (the Central Business District). This area has the highest rental
Suburban Sprawl: The area around the inner city, also known as the suburbs.
Urban Fringe: On the outer edge of the built up areas and around villages
Commuter Belt: People living here commute to work by trains, cars etc to get to the CBD. Normally
villages or small towns with a good train line.
Deindustrialisation: * An area where industrial activity has been declining. This is because industries
are from LICs and China as production costs are cheaper abroad as land and health and safety costs
are reduced in LICs. However this creates a loss of jobs in HICs and has left a lot of brownfield sites
Urban redevelopment: Knock somewhere down and start again
Urban renewal: Renovating an existing building for another purpose

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CASE STUDY HERE (Dependant on what has been taught to you as it differs at different schools)
Greenfield sites: A site that has not been previously built on.
Gated Communities: An area of wealthy private housing with a secure perimeter around the
Garden Grabbing: Taking the end of a garden and building on it
Eco Towns:* A sustainable community where they are trying to reduce the impact of global warming.…read more


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