Setting Realistic Targets


SMART Targets

Specific - the target must be clearly stated, saying exactly what is meant.

Measurable - an amount must be stated, so you can prove that you have met the target

Achieveable - the person must feel it possible to achieve the target set otherwise they will give up.

Realistic - teh target set must be realistic ; the person must be able to do it

Time-related - there should be a deadline set by which to reach a target so that progress can be assessed

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Short, medium and long term targets

It is important that a plan includes short term targets. This is easy to think of doing, as it is only a short time and not a major thing to achieve.

The medium term target might be to lose 5 kilograms in six months and long term to lose 10 kilograms in a year.

By breaking down the path to the final goal into these smaller steps (short term targets) the task seems less daunting and there is no excuse not to start that week

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