Screws, nails and bolts

A few cards with the basics on screws, bolts, nails and also how a threaded joint works.. hope it is useful for summarising the basic points for each component! :) **

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Used on wood only!

They require pilot holes before putting them into the wood

Tightened with a screwdriver

There are different types of head available: countersunk, round, slotted, cross

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Machine screws

Part of the shank is straight as well as threaded.

Used with washers and nuts

Tightened with an Allen key or screwdriver

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Self-tapping screws

They have a hardened thread.

Cut their own threaded holes.

Used for metals and hard plastics

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Very similar to machine screws.

Have a square or hexagonal head

Tightened with a spanner

* Bolts and screws are made from brass, steel or stainless steel.

* they can be 'self-finished' or be plated with zince, chrome, brass or black japan.

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Straight shank - no thread!!

Used on wood only!

Much quicker than screws..

..however not as strong :)

Most are made from steel.

They can a variety of head and shank shapes

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Threading is a method used to fasten a machine screw or bolt directly onto metal or plastic without having to use nuts.


1) drill a hole in the material.

2) use a 'tap' to create a female thread in the hole.

3) cut a male thread in a rod using a 'split-die' or lathe.

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