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Science Revision - 2012

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Solids, liquids and gases:

Solids Liquids and Gases:

  • Solids are hard and have a fixed shape and fixed volume.
  • Liquids have a fixed volume. They are runny and can be poured.
  • Gases go not have a fixed shape or fixed volume. They take the shape of their container. They can be squashed easily.
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Everything is made of Particles: 

  • In a solid, the particles are very close and in a neat pattern.
  • In a liquid, the particles are slightly further apart and have a less regular pattern.
  • In a gas, the particles are far apart and have no pattern at all.

Solids and liquids are denser than gases.


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Moving Particles:

Particles move faster when they are heated. They slow down when they are cooled.

A solid melts because the particles move away from each other.

A liquid evaporates because the particles move around on their own.


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A solute is a substance that dissolves in a liquid called a solvent. The particles in the solute break apart and mix with the particles in the solvent.

  • The mixture of solute dissolved in solvent is called a solution.
  • Different solutes dissolve in different solvents.
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