R.S UnIT 4 Religion and State

Key Points

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Keywords & Meanings

  • Justice-Where everyone has and Equal provisons and opportunity.
  • Personal Conviction- Somthing someone feels really strongly about.
  • Authority- Right or power over others
  • Punishment- A penalty given to someone for a crime or a wrong thing they have done.
  • Duty- Somthing you do beacuse it is and accepted pattern of behaviour.
  • Human rights- Somthing to which u are intitled to beacuse you are human
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What are the aims of PUNISHMENT?

  • Retribution: A form of revenge on behalf of those who were wronged or subject to an attack.
  • Reaparation: Criminals have the right to "pay" for the wrong the have done, to show they are sorrry and "repair" the damage.
  • Reform: Helping the criminal change what they do.
  • Protection: Keeping people in society safe and free from recurring crime. Criminals themselves may also need protection.
  • Vindication: Show the law and authority are important and ensure the law is upheld.
  • Deterrence: To discourge people from committing the crimes beacuse they know what the punishment will be.
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Then Jesus said to them "Give to caesar what is caesar's and to god what is god's"

"Do not repay anyone with evil for evil...do not be overcome by evil, but over come evil with good"

Buddhist: "An evil deed committed does not immediately bear fruit"

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Capital Punishment for and against.

  • Arguments FOR:
  • It protects people.
  • It shows that we think murder is very wrong
  • A life for a life
  • Revenge is a natural emotion
  • Capital punishment helps's the vivtims family
  • Agruments AGAINST:
  • Turns terrorsts into martyrs
  • its murder itself
  • it does not deter according to statistics
  • its inhumane
  • who is going to carry out the execution
  • in 77% of cases the victim knew the murder
  • all life is sacred
  • mistakes are maded and innocent people excuted
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Christians teaches on capital punishment

Roman catholics have never said that the death penalty is wrong. "An eye for and eye a tooth for a tooth" Suggest they seek revenge.

Some christians are against for following reasons:

  • Quakers campaigned against it since 1818 & believe punishments should help people reform
  • united reform church is opposed cus of the sanctity of life- all life is sacred and a gift from god, no one has the right to take life away
  • the bible says "thou shall not kill"
  • jesus taught compassion not revenge.
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Oscar Romero

Who? Oscar Romero was a catholic priest.

Where/when? Born El salvador 1917

What? He saw a great deal of crime in El Salvador in 1960's. He visted prisions and spoke out the injustice he saw, held meetings in the church after they had banned by the goverment and organised public demostrations to the protest against the abuses happening after many threats he was shot dead whilst performing nass in 1980.

Why? Remoro believe it was his duty as a christian to help the poor like jesus did.

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Buddhist teaches on capital Punishment

Most buddhist are against this beacuse it goes against the five precept not harming any living thing. It also goes against the buddhist believe of showing Karuna (Compassion)

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How do buddhist put their beloefs in to action?

The Dalai Lama is a spritual and politcal leader. In 1950 when the buddha was 15 80,000 Chinese soldiers invaded Tbet. As a budhist the Dalai Lama taught peaceful means from an early age. 60,000 were killed. He went to china for peace talks but later failed. Dalai Lama has never restorted to useing violence and was given the noble peace prize in 1989

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Does everyone deserve human rights?


  • Everyone deserves a second chance
  • Criminals may have had a good reason for committing the crimes
  • Universal declaration of human rights applies to everyone


  • Rights have to be earned
  • If you've committed a crime and taken someone else's rights away you don't deserve them.
  • Lack of human rights is a punihment for the behaviour in a previous life
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