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  • R.S
    • Islam
    • Chistianity
      • Jesus
        • Crucifixion
          • 30 (approx.) Roman Times
          • Called 'King of Jews' by the enemies.
          • He was crucified with two robbers.
          • Gave humanity a fresh start by carrying their sins on his shoulders.
        • Resurrection
          • The cave was guarded by guards and a stone.
          • Easter Sunday
          • Seen by disciples and Mary on the same day. By others, 40 days later.
      • Sects
        • Due to different interpretations of the Bible, there are many different groups (Anglican, Orthodox, Baptists and Lutheran Church,)
      • Holy Days
        • Easter
          • The events that led up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection.
          • Changes every year, according to the moon.
        • Christmas
          • The day on whcih Jesus was born. 25th December




I like your mindmap but can you please include some points about Islam.

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