Roles - Public and Private

Religious Adulthood - Girls and Boys

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Private Role

  • othordox women
  • educate her children in her belifs
  • keeps a kosher home
  • only keeps 3 mitzvots
  • dont have to set foot in a synoguge
  • normally has little education in the torah or jewish laws
  • can not be rabbis
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Public Roles

  • Orthodox Males
  • keep 613 mitzvots
  • represents the family at synogogue
  • provides for his children and wife
  • be a good role model
  • create a minyan
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  • Have a bat mitzvah meaning daughter of commandments
  • They have no public cermony on bat mitzvah
  • There bat mitzvah is when they are 12
  • women are expected to be more involves in the home
  • they may need to read the torah publically
  • or lead part of sevice
  • or wear a tallit on there bat mitzvah
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  • Called a Bar mitzvah meaning son of commandments
  • first shabbat after his 13th birthday
  • has to learn all of the 613 mitzvots when he turns 13

4 changes after his bat mitzvah

  • pray 3 times a day
  • wear the teffin
  • can perform a minyan
  • wear the tallit.
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