Responsibilities of Health Care professionals

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Doctors and specialist doctors

"diagnose, treat, monitor and prevent illnesses"

Key medical responsibilities;

- diagnose illnesses

- prescribe treatment or promote healing and recovering

 - refer patients to specialists

 - liaise with multidisciplinary teams

Key non medical responsibilities;

- create and maintain relationships of trust w patients

- observe, listen, and respond

- maintain confidentiality & act in accordance with legislation

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"work to restore health and wellbeing"

Key medical responsibilities;

- observe conditions of patients

- administer drugs or injections

- carry routine investigations

- prep patients for op

Key non medical responsibilities;

- provide care & counselling

- help with recovery & rehab

- write patient care plans & act as patient advocates

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"monitor prenatal development and the health of mothers and baby"

Key medical responsibilities;

- diagnose, monitor and examine pregnant women

- provide antenatal care, Inc. screening tests

- assist during labour 

- supervise pain management

Key non medical responsibilities;

- prep & review patient care plans

- arrange / provide parenting & health education

- provide unconditional support

- provide advice 

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Health Care Assistants

"assist in clinical duties "

Key medical responsibilities;

- monitor conditions by checking; pulse, BP, temperature

- take blood samples

- carry out health checks 

- weigh patients

Key non medical responsibilities;

- creating & maintaining relationships of trust with residents

- maintaining data protection policy + confidentiality

- supporting & delivering health education

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Occupational Therapist

"help people of all ages carry out day to day tasks"

Key medical responsibilities;

- being aware of acute medical conditions & how to overcome them in contexts such as accident & emergency (a&e) and acute medicine

Key non medical responsibilities;

- advise on specialist equipment to assist with daily activities

- advise on home & workplace alterations e.g. wheelchair access

- assist in helping people return to work 

- coach people with learning difficulties e.g. handling money

- enabling rehab

- organising support & rehab groups for careers and clients

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