Respiratory System

These cards a revision resource for physial education about the respiratory system


Immediate effect of exercise respiratory system

  • Increased respiratory rate 
  • Increased depth of breathing
  • increased minute ventlation/volume

Long term effects on the respiratory system

  • Stronger muscles
  • greater capillary muscles
  • Increased vital capacity

Areobic respiration-> Using oxygen tht is light intensity last long in time

glucose + oxygen---> energy + carbon dioxide + water

Anaerobic respiration-> Without oxygen that is high intensity for a short period of time.

Glucose ---> energy + lactic acid

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Exam Question

1) The respiratory syste is effected by exercise

Descibe the immediate changes to the respiratory system and describe the adaptations that occur due to regular exercise

Increased respiratory rate, increased depth of breathig and increased minute ventilation/ volume is oxygen going in your working muscles and carbon dioxide is what we breathout. Your lungs space gets igger and able to move because our muscles are stronger. We have a greater capillary muscles to create a bigger surface area for gaseous exchange and also we increase out vital capacity so we can breath more air at once.

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Tial volume--> amount of breath in and out

Respiratory system--> Breaths you take per minute

Minute volume--> Volume of air you breath in one minute

Vital Capacity--> Max volume of air you breath out.

Minute volume= Breaths x Tidal volume

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Key words

Flex--> Bend

Extend--> Straighten

Abduct--> Away from the body

Adduct--> Towards the body

Isometric--> Does not create movement

Isotonic--> Muscular contraction creating movement

Reversibility--> When you stop training

Hypertrophy--> When your muscles increase in size

Atrophy--> When muscles waste away

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