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extraneous variables- things that effect the DV apart from the IV

Control is vital.

Internal validity- What goes on inside the study.

if it is actually the iv effected the dv Whether the researched is testing what he intented to test lacks mundane realism (true to the real world)

External validity- The ability to generalise the results Different places or setting (ecological validity) Different people or population ( population validity) Different times ( historical validity)

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Informed consent- to reveal the true aims of the study. From a researchers point of view they fear participants may guess the hypothesis. From a participants they should be told so they may make an informed decision if they wish to participate.

Whenever possible the psychologist should inform as fully as possible

Privacy- From a researchers point of view it is hard to not invade privacy when studying participants without their awareness.

Do not observe people without consent unless in a public place

Confidentiality-  To keep the identity of the participant secret

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