Renaissance architecture

Questions and Answers on Architecture Introduction

The renaissance was a period of rebirth for which three things?

Art, architecture and scholarship.


When did the renaissance begin?



What does the term renaissance refer to?



Renaissance architecture demonstrated a conscious revival and development of certain elements from which two ancient cultures?

Greek and Roman.


What did renaissance architecture follow on from?

Gothic architecture.


What succeeded renaissance architecture?

Baroque architecture.


Where did renaissance architecture first develop from?



Who was one of it's first innovators?

Fillipo Brunelleschi.


Where did Brunelleschi and Alberti look to for inspiration?

Ancient Greece and Rome.


What are the 4 key features of early renaissance architecture?

Classical columns, pilasters, pediments and arches.


All the classical features combined create a sense of...?

Balance, proportion and perspective.


What plan was considered the perfect form for the renaissance building?

Centralised plan.


During the high renaissance, concepts derived from what were developed?

Classical antiquity.


Whose work marks the transition from early renaissance to high renaissance as well as the shifting of key political and cultural focus from Florence to Rome?

Donato Bramante (1444 – 1514).


Why did the key political and cultural focus shift from Florence to Rome?

As a result of the expelling of the Medici's family during the 15th century.


What year did Bramante flee from Milan?



Why did Bramante flee Milan?

The French army had laid siege on the city.


In the Italian wars, which outside powers tried to gain power and enhance political rivalry between city states?

Charles V and Francis I.


Who was the first of a series of ambitious popes?

Julius II.


What did Julius II see Rome as?

A centre of an empire.


What year was the protestant reformation?



What did it produce in Christianity?

Increasing tension.


What did this tension cause?

This caused the Catholic Church to lose influence and political power in Europe.


What did the Catholic Church launch as a result of this and what year?

The counter – reformation in the middle of the 16th century.


Why did the Catholic Church launch the counter reformation?

To reform the church.


What event marked the turning point from high renaissance to mannerism and what year was this?

Sack of Rome in 1527.


What impact did this have on the Catholic Church?

It significantly rocked the foundations of the catholic church.


What are the dates of the high renaissance architects?

Da Sangallo the Younger (1484 – 1546), Michelangelo (1475 – 1564), Bramante (1444 – 1514).


What are the dates of mannerist architects?

Romano (1499 – 1546), Vignola ( 1507 – 1573), Palladio (1508 – 80).


What became important at the end of the mannerist period?

Secular buildings as private individuals and families had urban and suburban residences built.


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