religious studies

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religious studies

the life of siddartha goddama siddartha goddama was born into a rich family and lived in a palace for many years his father wouldnt let him leave the palace because he didnt want his son to see suffering in the streets siddartha goddama later got married and had 2 lovely children with his wife one day siddartha goddama decided to go outside the palace and he went into the town and was shocked of what he then saw he saw 4 sight of suffering these were old age death sickness and suffering he was very surprised of what he saw as he had never seen suffering before in his life ever he then returned tot he palace he then said goodbye to his family and packed all his stuff and decided to become a buddhist he shaved all of his hair off and decided to starve himself and he didnt think it was right so he decided to go to the middle way and he found enlightenment in himself

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