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why do people smoke

the person would love the entertainment and taste of smoking

  •  their family smokes in the household the person must think its right to smoke.
  • they are addicted to smoking, can't stop.
  • the person smoking thinks it won't give them a serious effect, bu thinks it can do bad harm to a user person.
  • they follow special rolemodels that have been smoking.
  • they need time off life, therefore for relaxtion to smoke.
  • maybe they have friends that smoke..
  •  they think smoking will make them change weight and healthy.
  • they belive it make them look antisocial, if they are not  refusing to take a cigeratte.
  • thinks it makes them more better person.

                                     why would people drink alcohol

  •  maybe their friends have alcohol.
  • they love the different tastes of alcoholic drinks.
  • they are being peer presured by group of people.
  • alcohol goes togehter with celebrating sucess or special religious events.
  •  thinks alcohol changes them as a better person gives them free and more confidence in them.
  • alcohols are main events in pubs and clubs where many people will socialize and drink more alcoholic drinks.

                                           why people choose to take illegal drugs

  • people trick a person into talking drugs.
  • they are going up the stages of role models in the career and entertainment business.
  • to mix with different people that take illegal drugs, and work with illegel drugs.
  • taking illegal drugs changes their self esteem issues.
  • they start to take illegal drugs to cope bad situitions in family enviroment.
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legal status of drugs.

social drugs for example nicotine, caffeince are most legal half chance of them being high risk of harm to the person that smokes them and many other. the sale of people are only for 18s.

Prescription drugs they are legal only for a person that are to be precscribed.

over the counter drugs their mostly legal pharmacies sell and carry painkillers over non specialists e.g it could sold in all types of supermarkets, also the amount of painkillers given depends on if its suitable for them, only sold for older people.

illegeal drugs they are illgeal to sell and or given to other shops and their are permitely illegeal to sell for e.g LSD,estacy.

household solvents e.g gas lighters,aerosols which could be bad effect for sniffing, people that are working in retaling areas say its illegeal to be sold for people, think it can do many harmful effects to them, age limits are 18s and over.

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classfication of illegal drugs.


Estacy  it is mainly a white tablet, raise levels while going to parties, clubs, there sweating and heat rate both can do bad harm will both increase higher, this can make them have deadly dehyration, also effect liver, kidneys.


LSD a intoxicant drug can do different effect towards the mind, sevreal accidents e.g trips last about to 8-12 minutes and hours it is unexplainable can never be stoped for a any minutes,  can give long term effects that will include anxiety death while having couple accidents through tempation.


 cocaine is is a white pale power it can be injected it is strong effective drug chemical lasting about  30 hours warning long term effects invole depression, restlessness, can do damge to heart problems like the heart rate, these overdoes can lethal.


Cannabis is a term that is from a marijunana type of plant as dry leaves is to be rolled in a cigreatte with tobacco and to smoke it, can causes difficult lack of schizophrenia, mental/ pschological issues, the drug is defined as the same as skunk can be more strong and powerful than mostly others.

C Anabolic sterioids they are legeal can be prescribed by by your GP or doctor for a reconisable medcation well being condition, only bodybuilders user thme to have strong and increasing bulky muscles for sports their are illegeal goes to a high quanitity of ban, can do harmful to liver heart, for example breast growth in men.

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Watch the Jeremy Kyle show. That is why people smoke.

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