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Exam-May 17th

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Making something deliberately for a purpose. Most religions teach that the world was created by God for a purpose.

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Being in charge of the world for God. Some religions teach that God gave humans a responsibility to manage the world on his behalf.

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The natural world all about us, plants, insects, animals and humans. Most religions belief that God created the world and everthing in it.

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Caring for other human beings. Most religions teach that it is expected that human beings will care for eachother and show kindness to others.

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The part of humans that lives on after the body has died. Some religions teach that there is a spiritual side of life that lives on beyond physical death.

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To look after and care for the world. Most religions teach that humans have a God-given responsibility to look after the world.

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God is the ultimate being or supreme power. By this, christians mean that he is the crator and sustainer of the world who is given worship.

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It is something that points to or explains something else. For christians it could be a sign with a particular meaning, for example, the cross.

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Something shown or explained that was previously hidden. Religious believers use the word for the ways in which God reveals himself to people, for example through sacred texts.

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It means completely overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence. For religious believers, it could be a sense of wonder in relation to God's creation.

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A community is a group of people with something in common. For christians for example, it could refer to the fellowship of people who pray and worship together i.e. the church.

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This is the belief that human existence continues after death. Many religions have beliefs in heaven where souls go when the body dies.

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