Our World

Scientific theory, creation of the world

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  • Our World
    • Key words
      • Creation - way in which something is uniquely made; God's Creation of universe
        • Dominion - being in charge and having power over others
      • Environment - surroundings of the place in which humans live
      • Humanity - all the people who live on the earth
      • Soul - part of human nature that's spiritual in form and influences an invidivudals personality
      • Stewardship - God-given responsibility to care for the world
    • Creation in Christianity and Judaism
      • God created the world ex nihilo in 6 days an rested on seventh. Day 1  - light and dark, Day 2 - sea and sky, Day 3 - land and plants, Day 4 - sun, moon and stars, Day 5- All living creatures ,Day 6 - human beings, in the image of God. Day 7 - Rest
      • Ex nihilo = created out of nothing
      • Literalist View, Christians and jews who accept this view believe creation happened as the Bible states. 1 it took God 6 days, each of 24 hours to create the world. 2. Adam was the first man frmed from the dust of the earth, 3. Eve the first woman, as formed from Adam's rib. Believers of this see a conflict between science and religion
      • Non-literalist View,. Christians and Jews who accept this view believe that the fact that God created the world is more important than how God created the world. They also accept that the Bible is poetic. Therefore; 1 the bible account is not literal but does state that God created the world, 2 the time f creation wasn't in 6 days lastin 24 hours each. Believers of this see n real conflict beween science and religion and can see how both waeave together 2 give a full pic of life and the earth
    • Scientific Teachings
      • Big Bang Theory - world began with a big bang about 14 billion years ago, universe expanded then cooled down forming stars, Earth and other planets. Universe continues to expand and cool toda, This is just a theor and nt all scientists believ eit. No detail why world was created. Christians may accept as God caused it
      • Theory or Evolution - Charles Darwin argued that life began in simple forms and evolved into more complex forms of life. Some Christians and  Jews see it as a problem as it rejects idea that God created humans, some believe God is behind the process of evolution.
    • Religion asks
      • Why did the world begin? Why are we here? Why did the world come into existence? Religion tries to explain the purpose in things that happen, explains the value and significance of things that happen, uses sacred writings as evidence
    • Science asks
      • How did the world begin? Can we explain how the world came into being? Science also explains how the process of creatin took place, is based on evidence, can be reviewed or rejected when new information becomes available.


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