Religion and Medical Ethics

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Sancity of Life

Christians believe that all human life is sacred and of equal value. No one is lesser than anyone else no matter what/who.

All human life is sacred

  • made in the image of God
  • breath of God-only humans recieve

Humans have a soul- a perfect immortal bit of us.

Christians are responsible for life - take care of it and others.

"Body is the temple of the Holy Spirit"

"Do not kill"

O.T. "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you"

        "made in the image of God"

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Deliberate removal of feotus from womb.

  • Roman Catholics believe that abortion is never right.
  • Roman Catholics believe that life begins at contraception.
  • Roman Catholics believe that life is sacred and that abortion is the same as murder.
  • Christians believe that there are times when abortion could be the kindest choice e.g. if the mother's life is in danger or the foetus had serious abnormalities.

Jeramiah "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, I called you by your name"-relationship with God before conception.

C of E- "Love your neighbour" The foetus is not absolutley sacrosanct

                     - But sometimes its necessary evil- but abortion is not condemmed

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Fertility Treatment

Using medical technology to have children.

IVF- in vito fertilization - embroyos grown in test tube

R.C. agaisnt embroyos becasue each one is human- cannot discard them.

AIH- Artificial Insemination by husband- woman has sperm inserted in her womb.

R.C. against masterbation.

AID- artificial insemination by doner- as with AIH by unknown sperm.

R.C. no adultery and masterbation

C of E- Jesus said "Love you neighbour" if you can help a couple, you must.

Bible Passages Hannah could not have children becasue He had closed her womb.

Isamuel- Gods choice who has babies, not a human right.

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Creating a genetically identical animal/plant from another.

Natural cloning=Identical twins.

Christians believe that cloning a full human being- unacceptable

Most counties have banned cloning including England.

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Therapeutic Cloning

Single cells are cloned to reprduce other cells and organs.

Christians believe that cloning is playing God- God creates life he must take it away.

R.C. cloning seperates the procreation of children from sexual act.

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Vivisection- Animal Testing

Cosmetics= toilet cleaner, make up, shampoo

Medical= drugs- aspirin to chemotherapy (most Christians are for)

Christians have a role of stewardship (Adam)- animals must not be abused but God breathed into animals nostrils, not Adams.

Peters Vision - Peter was on a roof- he had a vision. he saw a sail cloth with lots of animals on it. wild and dmestic ones- a voice said "Get up and eat"- Christians can eat meat.

St Francis of Assissi- Patron saint of animals- protected animals as they should not be harmed.

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A gentle and easy death.

  • Involuntary Euthanasia=other people decide it is for the best to end life.
  • Achive Euthanasia=when action is taken to end life e.g. lethal dose of drugs.
  • Passive Euthanasia= decision given to stop treatment
  • Voluntary= someone asks to die, but needs help.

R.C is opposed to Euthanasia.

C of E -against- murder- also against law.

Quakers- do most loving thing(allowing someone to die naturally)- Hospice movement- the anglican Church sees hospices as places of compassion and support for the dying.

All churches are against - "Do not kill"

God decides when we die- "there is a time to live and a time to die"

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Ending/taking your own life.

In the past suicide= sin= murder(self) "Do not murder"

Believed straight to hell- couldn't be buried in Holy Ground


Christians recognise attempted suicide= cry for help

suicide = mentally unstable

Christians should "Love thy neighbour"- try to help

Samaritans- set up Chad Varah- priest- after 14 year old commited suicide.

Its 24/7- not Christian run

            - will not try to preach - all volunteerd 

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