Religion and Medical Ethics

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Sanctity Of Life

  • God created each life
  • God has a plan for each life
  • life should not be destroyed
  • all humans contain the holy spirit
  • God know each one of us before we are formed
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Roman Catholics

abortion is always wrong even if it the result of ****

only time it is acceptable is if the it puts the mothers life at risk

"i knew you in your mother womb"

God has a plan for everyone of us

Church Of England Christians

abortion is never a good thing however its the mother choice

if the mother doesnt want the baby then its not fair on the child either

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humans are made by god and he has a plan for everyone of us so killing yourself is going against gods wishes

sign of a lack of faith to god

see no need to prelong life if a person is ill or suffering

Roman Catholics

double effect acceptable

1. relieve pain

2. kill you

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suicide has been seen as a sin in the past

complete lack of faith to god 

no burial in a church yard

nowadays christian work towards helping the people who feel suicidal i.e the samaritans

support is given to anyone who rings the helpline on any day of the year

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Fertility Treatment

christian views


the bible teaches that we have children and fertility treatment allows that to happen for all couples who want children

happiness and creating life are both positives of fertility treatment


God planned other things for the people who cant have children

when sperm donors are used it means the biological father of a child is unknown

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christians believe that embryo research into this sort of science involves killing potential life which is seen as murder

also they are concerned scientist are taking over gods role as creator of life

creating a perfect human not having gods gift of life as the most improtat thing

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Animal Testing

Most Christians

animal testing should only be accepted for medical purposes only not cosmetic(shampoo, make up etc.)

animals should be treated with care and respect

the most important are humans

Roman Catholics

concerned that exaggerated care for animals isnt good eg donation the animal charities. they believe we should serve for humans first, straving humans should be our priority not animals.

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