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Social Injustice
Social injustice - Where people may be denied these rights as a consequence
of poverty or discrimination

Social justice - The belief that people should be treated fairly and with respect
in a society.

Humanists-agree with moral teachings of Jesus but don't believe in Jesus.
Declaration of human…

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Local churches should:

have equality,
take responsibility for each other,
not allow discrimination,
safeguard each other's human rights,
defend the poor and weak,
Work hard so that people can live free.

Biblical teachings on injustice

Christians believe everyone should be treated equally...

"There is neither Jew nor Greek...for you are…

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Che Guevara- Argentinean doctor who, after seeing the exploitation of the poor in South
America, became a revolutionary and helped to overthrow corrupt regimes.

Oscar Romero- Developed Liberation Theology- The whole point of Christianity is to
achieve Social justice and wipe out injustice, he was killed by a death squad.…


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