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responsibilities and commitments

: worship and pray- commitment to God

: care for the planet 

: look after others

: fulfil our duty

: keep marriage vows and promises 

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christian teachings on sex and contraception

: r.c against all methods of contraception- provents creation of new life 

:allow natural methods

: sex is a gift from God 

: sex is designed for procreation 

: extra-marital sex is adultery

: casual sex devaules people 

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muslim teachings on sex and contraception

: allow contraception- natural methods are preferred, plan a family

: qu'ran forbids adultery- harmful to society 

: sex is a form of worship 

: sex before marriage is wrong 

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christian marriage

: minister is present- states the importance of marriage at the start

: takes place in a church 

: hymns and worhip

: recite the bible

: god is present- marriage is a sacrament 

: vows and rings are exchanged to show a commitment 

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muslim marriage

: takes place in a Nikkah mosque or at home

: recite the qu'ran

: dowry agreed 

: mahr is signed

: marriage creates a stable society 

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christian views on same sex relationships

: r.c against- against god's plan for procreation 

: some christians accept diversity as part of god's plan 

: anglicans may bless the same sex 

: same sex relationships against nature and against scripture 

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muslim views on same sex relationships

: still illegal in some countries 

: cannot apply qu'ran law to mpdern society


:undermines the importance of family 

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christian views on divorce

: faith communities support the couple 

: the final option 

: divorce accepted by most 

: r.c do not reccognise divorce.

: divorce can be regrettable 

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muslim views on divorce

: re-marriage is allowed

: husband must state on three accasions that the marriage is over 

: wife keeps remainder of her dowry

: the iddah- cooling off period 

: divorce permottied after reconcilliation has failed 

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