RE Unit 2 Community Cohesion

Changing attitudes to gender roles in the UK

Women can vote and have equal pay 

Women are better educated

Men are more involved in home life

Men and women have equal rights

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Christian views on rights for women in religion


God created us in his image so we are all equal

Jesus taught men and women

Women stayed at Jesus' cross and were the first to see him after his resurrection

Golden Rule - everyone should be respected


Bible - women should obey their husband and be silent in church

Jesus' disciples were men

Jesus left St Peter in charge of the Church

Women seen as inferior - Eve ate the apple first then gave it to Adam

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Problems and benefits of a multiethnic society


Might be uneducated about other people and their culture

Some people believe different ethnic groups are superior/inferior to other - discrimination

People from ethnic minority groups have their human rights abused - equality, discrimination


Racial harmony - helps to understand different races and cultures

Wider variety of food, music, clothes

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Community cohesion

Different communities living together

Strong relationships between people

Equal opportunities for everyone

Common vision and sense of belonging

Government action

Illegal to discriminate against anyone in job, housing or education

Illegal to use racist words in public

All immigrants take a test to prove they know about British life

Ethnic minority groups have work, education and healthcare

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Why Christians should promote racial harmony

Good Samaritan - we should help each other even if they are a foreiner

Golden Rule

Promoting racial harmony puts these teachings into action

Christian Churches do not allow racism 

Everyone is created in God's image so are all equal

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Multifaith society


Understanding of other religions beliefs

Experience traditions of other religions

New ways of living and enjoying life


Each religion has to convert other people - might get offended

Interfaith marriage - might not be able to have a religious ceremony, children will have to choose between religion of mum or dad or will be confused with a mix of both religions

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